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A Weekly Word from John
Prayer and the Great Escape
04/28/2008 Salt and Light #5 Prayer and the Great Escape: Acts 12
Peter, Prison, Prayer and the Great Escape... What a drama that unfolds at Mary's house in the middle of the night! Sometimes when we pray we get discouraged that nothing happens. The chains were on Peter's wrists... the house church prayed. The guards were in place... the house church prayed...
One Good Man
04/19/2008 Salt and Light #4 Acts 11 - One Good Man
The Earthquake of God's invasion had moved from Jerusalem and the new epicenter was Antioch. The gospel had moved in concentric circles beyond Judea and Samaria. The ordinary believers were telling the message of the Risen Christ and the indwelling Holy Spirit to Greeks and others.
Thinking Outside the Box
04/11/2008 Salt and Light #3 Acts 10: Thinking Outside the Box
Thinking Outside the Box. We've all heard the expression. Our tendency is to revert back to our "default" mode and lose the freshness of the Holy Spirit's surprises in our lives. Peter was clearly surprised by God's 'moving' in his visit to a Gentile's home named Cornelius.
Persecutor to Proclaimer
04/05/2008 Salt and Light #2 Persecutor to Proclaimer: Dr. John Templehoff-Missions Conference; Acts 9
The "new look" of those Messianic Jews who followed the risen Jesus was not too popular in First Century Roman territory. Persecution came from the Roman authorities and the Jewish establishment. But it was the "OB's"; the ordinary believers and followers of the Risen Christ who took the message out beyond Jerusalem and into Judea and Samaria; not the apostles.
The Healthy Side of Fear

09/19/2010  The Healthy Side of Fear:  Proverbs 1:7 ; 9:10

fearfulman2Can fear really be healthy?  Yes it can! In fact the Fear of God is the BEGINNING of True Knowledge and True Wisdom. Those who start at a different point of origin will struggle and be living with a misunderstanding of the universe. When we begin with a revering respect for God in terms of who He is and the almighty power attributed to Him, then we are in synch with a right perspective for living.

The Fear of Insignificance

10/10/2010  The Fear of Insignificance:  Matthew 10:29-31

crowdWho cares? Who cares about you? You are only one person among 7.0 billion people on this earth; not to mention the billions that have lived before your time. Many young people struggle with a positive sense of self-worth when the pressures come because no one ever answered the question of “why” to their existence…

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