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A Weekly Word from John

6/17/18 - Zechariah


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What would you think or do if someone said, “God is going to come and live with you.”?  You would probably pause and consider your ways or you would think that whoever uttered those words were nuts. Yet, in the context of what the Israelites had just heard from Haggai they were probably inclined to believe the former.



6/10/18 - Haggai


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How often have you gone on vacation only to find your house in disrepair, the lawn out of control, perhaps a water leak, or trash you forgot to take out? Can you image leaving for a year and these items not be tended to? What a mess. How about an un-mowed lawn or rotting garbage or a water leak for not one but sixteen years? The property would be almost unrecognizable. Yet, that is what happened when Haggai was called to speak to the people of Israel. Some 50,000 had returned from exile and started to build the temple (Ezra 1-3 ) but when opposition came they quit and eventually grew indifferent to the temple. They ceased building and the worship of God in the way He had designed. For sixteen years the temple and center of worship stood still while they focused on their own houses.



6/3/18 - Zephaniah


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God is angry, wrathful, and jealous. These aren’t attributes we often think about because they make us uncomfortable, but they’re important characteristics of God’s holiness. Imagine God’s holiness in the midst of sin if he wasn’t wrathful against it. Consider the love of God if he was not angry about injustice. How could anyone imagine that God truly wants what is best for his children if he isn’t jealous of our worship when it is instead given to idols. Remember, God’s passions and emotions are unchanging because they are absolutely perfect – his love doesn’t wax and wane depending on his mood; and his anger doesn’t flare up simply because he’s been offended.



5/27/18 - Habakkuk


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Asking raw and honest questions about suffering can seem faithless and inappropriate in church, but these are literally the questions that drive Habakkuk’s prophecy. We don’t know much about the prophet, but we can best place Habakkuk’s ministry in the early 600’s after Assyria (who conquered the Northern Kingdom of Israel in 722BC) had been conquered by the Babylonian Empire. The Babylonians (also called the Chaldeans) were threatening to come in and do to the Southern Kingdom of Judah what Assyria did to Israel. Fear ruled the day, and other prophets like Jeremiah, Zephaniah, and Daniel were actively warning Israel about coming judgment.



5/20/18 - Nahum


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What do you do with a book that breathes fire. Nahum is perhaps one of the hardest books to swallow. In three short chapters the prophet Nahum the Elkoshite brings theoracleliterally meaning“burden”concerning Nineveh the capital city of Assyria.



5/13/18 - Micah


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David Brickner with Jews for Jesus says, “the profound significance of the term “remnant” is a biblical term too often overlooked today. Throughout Scripture God deals with two groups of people: ‘the remnant’ and ‘the rest’. In the Hebrew Scriptures, the word ‘remnant’ usually describes those among the nation of Israel who survived the calamity of Gods judgment or remained faithful to the Lord.”


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