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Accept One Another

09/29/2013  Accept One Another: Romans 15:7

acceptHow do you know when you are really accepted by someone? What does that do to your relationship with that person? Jesus Christ demonstrated an extraordinary way of speaking truth while causing those around Him to feel welcomed and accepted. He is our ultimate example. But that doesn’t mean that we will automatically adopt this character quality and behavior.

Jesus our Lord welcomes us, accepts us unconditionally through the cross. He holds no grudges. The CROSS symbolizes for us that God has taken the step toward us to bestow upon us unmerited favor by taking our sin penalty upon Himself. Embracing this forgiveness and divine good news by faith, we become God’s children. We are then enabled by His powerful Holy Spirit to welcome, to accept those around us as God has done to us. Social, economic, age, and ethnic barriers come crashing down when we submit to God’s Holy Spirit and He pours that unconditional love into our hearts.


It doesn’t happen on our own strength. History has shown this. When I recognize just how much I have been forgiven, I am free to accept anyone and everyone around me regardless of the offense. Have you grasped just how great God’s acceptance of you is? Do you realize that in Christ, condemnation is a thing of the past? 








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