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A Dangerous Place to Be

09/08/2013  A Dangerous Place to Be:  Galatians 5:13-15

oneanotherDr. Brent Allen, District Executive Minister of Converge Northeast states, “The choices we make define our faith and determine our future.” Life is indeed about making choices. To those early Christians in the Galatian churches, the missionary-apostle Paul made it clear that Christ sets us free and empowers us to choose what is good and to say ‘no’ to what is wrong. The Spirit of God liberates us to serve one another in love, just as Christ loved us.



   To be sure, in our relationships at home and in the Church and in the marketplace, our love for one another will be tested. Satan’s greatest victory comes when we allow our love to grow cold; when we allow wedges to be driven between us in relationships. The result is that the Church will lose its testimony and can actually devour itself. (See Gal. 5:15 )

   That is why we must check ourselves when the Holy Spirit nudges us and prompts us to shed our pride and let love rule and reign in our relationships. Our greatest testimony that we are His disciples is our love for one another. Loving one another is the umbrella under which all ‘one-another’ ministry will flourish. Will you choose to love by God’s power?



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