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A Time to Work, a Time to Rest

09/01/2013  A Time to Work, a Time to Rest:  Ecclesiastes 3:1

restEdgar Bergen, actor and ventriloquist once said, “Hard work never killed anybody, but why take a chance?” We may chuckle at this humor but on Labor Day, we rest from our ‘labors’ for a day not as an excuse for laziness, but rather to appreciate our work ethic as a nation.Solomon the wise once said, ‘There is a season and a time for everything under heaven.’ As followers of Christ, we recognize that God has established work and rest for our good and for our health. Overdoing the ‘time’ for each season will only bring bad consequences in our lives.


God sets the example. He worked for six days and rested on the seventh day in creation. Adam was to be the master gardener in Eden. Even after the fall, humanity was to live by working and resting.

Do you find it difficult to rest ‘well’? Do you have a hard time working with gusto? When we see sleep and when we see rest in general as gifts and callings from God, then we can be freed up from the anxieties and addictions which keep us from peaceful seasons in life. When Christ is our ultimate ‘boss’ and we recognize that our work has ‘value’ then our motivation to work should be consistently high.

Concepts to remember:

  1. Jesus is the Peace-giver… not just sunglasses and a lawn chair. They cannot quiet your soul. (John 14:27 )
  2. God wants you to find enjoyment in your work. (Ecclesiastes 2:24,25 )
  3. Are you seeking God’s glory in all you do? (Colossians 3:17 )



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