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A Godly Complaint

08/04/2013  A Godly Complaint:  Psalm 109


sunsetprayerWhat do you do when God seems silent? How do you respond to slanderous remarks, mistreatment and even betrayal? In all of life’s struggles, David, our psalmist, a man after God’s own heart, longed to hear a word from God in his distress. In communion with his Heavenly Father, he felt safe.


Mistreatment is not new. Paul told Timothy, “In fact, everyone who wants to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted.” (2 Tim.3:12). Luke refers this Psalm (vs. 8) to Judas as the future wicked, unjust official who would be judged and replaced as the twelfth apostle and eyewitness of the Risen Lord.

Psalm 109 challenges us to bring our concerns, yes… even our complaints to God; to praise Him in the unknown just as we praise Him in the known. David would always find rest in God alone (See Psalm 62 ). As he wrestled with evil in his day and personal wickedness being poured out toward him, part of his call to God in prayer was a call for God’s justice to be done. In the revealed law, this retributive justice in Israel was that those who do evil may experience that same evil upon themselves (See vs. 17-20). When wickedness flourishes, we long for God to intervene and put on the brakes so that evil man will not prosper.

David as a man of prayer would continue to call upon God to deliver him from all the pain and injustice he was experiencing. He longed to have his wounds healed. But he always remained confident in God’s final victory and his deliverance.

Application Points to Consider

  1. ‘Vengeance is mine’ – We need to leave God’s retributive justice up to Him. It is not for us to accomplish.
  2. Seek a strong word from God – Are we opening the “Book” to hear from God in our difficult circumstances? Are we seeking Him? (See Psalm 27 )
  3. Follow David’s good example in prayer – Whether things are going well or not, becoming men and women of prayer will cement our communion with God and bring confidence to our lives when the storms roll in.













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