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A Different Kind of Government


‘And the government will be upon his shoulders’

Isaiah 9:1-7

We are all quite familiar with the link between the child born… the son given… from Isaiah’s prophecy as referring to the miracle at Bethlehem… the Birth of the Christ Child.

But we tend to gloss over the other aspects of this prophecy which spans time and covers more than one event. Isaiah tells us of a different kind of government… an eternal one which will be upon the shoulders of this special child. This future time will be characterized by wonderful counsel, mighty power, benevolent paternal care, and a peace that will also know no end. World Wars One and Two were to be the wars to ‘end all other wars’. With human institutions, this will never be the case as we see all around us today.


Christmas hope goes beyond just a Savior born who redeems and adopts us into his eternal family through faith. Our blessed hope is in the Second Advent of the RETURN OF JESUS CHRIST… this child born, son given who grew up to shed his blood on our behalf for forgiveness of sin. He will return and the rule of this Prince of Peace will have no end. Justice and righteousness will be upheld by this King of Kings.

Human governments, though necessary will always fall far short of justice, righteousness and endless peace. That is why our hope is only in the Prince of Peace will not disappoint us. God builds a deep trust and confidence in the heart of Christians through His Holy Spirit. We look forward to our glorious future in God’s eternal kingdom of joy and perfect peace. I can’t wait. Can you?


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