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A Crooked Wall Cannot Stand

07/26/2009  A Crooked Wall Cannot Stand:  Amos 7:1-17

pisa2Just as none of us would purposely live in a crooked house, so the LORD could not tolerate Israel's crookedness any longer.  In Amos 7 , he receives three visions of judgment from God.  The first two judgments God shows Amos are withdrawn from Israel because of God's mercy, but the third vision of judgment stands.  The big idea of Amos 7 is this: Rejecting the Word of God leads to crookedness, which leads to judgment.


  • The vision of judgment which stands against Israel is a vision in which Amos sees the Lord standing next to a wall with a plumb line (an ancient tool used like a level is used today to determine whether a wall is straight or not).  The message is that God is going to "measure" whether or not Israel has been faithful to the covenant standards of the Law/Torah (and is therefore a straight wall) or whether or not Israel has rejected the covenant (and is therefore a crooked wall in need of being torn down).  The answer to that question is obvious, "The high places of Isaac will be destroyed and the sanctuaries of Israel will be ruined; with my sword I will rise against the house of Jeroboam" (Amos 7:9 ). 
  •  Israel rejected God's Word and failed to obey it and became crooked because of their refusal to faithfully receive the Word of God.  What about you? 

    • Do you hear God's Word (through reading Scripture and listening to biblical sermons) but neglect to do anything because of it?
    • Do you willingly disregard what the Bible says because it isn't what you want to do?
    • Do you claim to be a Christian because you "believe" God's Word, but your life doesn't reflect God's heart at all?
    • Before God, do you resemble the Leaning Tower of Pisa more than a straight wall?



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