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52 Days of God’s Grace

3/8/2009  52 Days of God’s Grace:  Nehemiah 6:1-19

Liars! Liars! Liars! Nehemiah had to deal continually with those who were scheming against him and spreading rumors all around. Gossip and intimidators are not new to the work of God. In society and sometimes even in the Church, we face those who would seek to deter and distract the Lord’s servants.

Leadership is not a place for the weak minded and those of feeble heart. Satan deceives and seeks to devour and distract Christians all the time (2 Cor. 11:3 - I Pet. 5:8) Leadership is always under close scrutiny and constant attack.

Will Rogers said, “So live so that you wouldn’t be ashamed to sell the family parrot to the town gossip!” Now there’s a challenge!

Nehemiah exposed the lies and asked God to strengthen his hands (v.9). His prayer habits connected him continually to the power source of his life and ministry. God’s favor continued to flow and the wall was finished in 52 days. Those who sought to instill fear lost all confidence and became afraid of Jehovah God when they saw His power and the deliverance of Israel (v.16).

Foreshadowing the Messiah who would breakdown all walls of hostility between Jew and Gentile, pointing to the one who would tear down the separating wall of sin between God and Man, Nehemiah overcomes the fear of intimidation and savors the sweet joy of victory (Prov. 13:19 ). Jesus Christ provides for us entry into the Lord’s heavenly Jerusalem inside the wall of protection from the curse of sin through the cross of redemption. Are you on the inside or the outside?


  1. How does the enemy intimidate you and cause you to fear? (See Isaiah 41:10 )
  2. Are you a gossiper? (See Proverbs 11:13 ; 16:28; 20:19; 26:20)
  3. Are you inside the wall of God’s love? (See I Peter 3:18; Romans 5:8 )

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