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Firmness of Faith

10/7/18 - Firmness of Faith - Colossians 1:24-2:5


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What do you rejoice over? What makes you dance, perhaps the birth a child or grandchild? Perhaps the winning touch down in a close game or a homerun that clinches a playoff game; or maybe a bonus from work or getting an overdue word of appreciation? Paul rejoiced over his suffering for the gospel and the realization of seeing the Gentiles being included of what we know as the Church (Col 1:24-27 ).

The Christian is to rejoice over the gospel.

What do you labor, struggle, agonize over? Anything?

In our culture it seems that we don’t struggle or truly labor or agonize over much. Perhaps we do to some degree but not to the point that our lives or livelihoods were jeopardized. Paul labored, strived and agonized both in the hard work of prayer and the hard word of ministry in order that the false teaching was not accepted or gained traction. Am I agonizing for anyone in prayer that the truth of the gospel is heard and believed? (Col 1:28-2:1 )

The Christian is to labor for the gospel

What are you focused on? What rises to the top for your attention?

Some of us focus on our families or our job. Some of us focus on our health, on politics or the economy. Paul was focused on the value of church unity in order that their hearts would be knit together in love so that they may have a full understanding of the riches they had in Christ. For in Christ are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. As the Gnostics taught that some ethereal and secret knowledge was the key to eternity, only for the select privileged few, Paul sought to earnestly focus on the gospel and the mystery of God found in Christ.

Paul was instructing the church in Colossae so that no one may deceive them and lead them away from the risen Savior Jesus Christ. (Col 2:2-5 )

The Christian rejoices over, labors for and is focused on the gospel


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