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5/20/18 - Nahum


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What do you do with a book that breathes fire. Nahum is perhaps one of the hardest books to swallow. In three short chapters the prophet Nahum the Elkoshite brings theoracleliterally meaning“burden”concerning Nineveh the capital city of Assyria.


For centuries the Assyrians have been the conquering plague of the known world, unfathomably cruel to not only Israel but also any people and land they encountered. If they showed up on your doorstep you immediately foundreligionand began praying for some form of salvation.

As one author puts it, “Nahum is not a book about warning or a call to repentance. God had already given them a chance some 150 years earlier with Jonah. Nahum was telling the people of Judah that help was right around the corner as Nineveah was about to be destroyed receiving the judgment they deserved.” The wrath of God would soon be displayed and perfect justice exercised. Finally!

Three themes in Nahum seem prominent. 1) The Sovereignty of God over nations and creation (1:2-9); 2) the Wrath of God (1:2-14, 3:1-5, 19) and 3) the Compassion of God (1:7, 12-13, 15; 2:1; 3:19). The text that surrounds these passages give detail to the themes suggested.

As has been the case many times in our study ofthe Twelvehow have you been encouraged or challenged with the instruction of Gods sovereignty?

Have you ever considered in depth the sober and yet hopeful topic of Gods wrath and how it relates to the Hope of Christ’s death and resurrection?

How does Gods wrath and the compassion of God relate?

May the Spirit of Christ give us wisdom to grow in our knowledge and worship of Him.


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