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Four Portraits for the Passion

3/25/18 - Four Portraits for the Passion - John 12:1-17


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As we walk the road of Passion Week what impact does this time make in preparation for Resurrection Sunday?

We are invited to consider the four pictures of Mary, Judas, Rome and Lazarus.


Mary worshipped in selfless humility and unrestrained devotion. She spent her most precious possession on Jesus and the fragrance of her love filled the house. Although she was criticized for her display of adoration she did not care. She gave her all at the feet of the Savior. She knew what was about to transpire and she honored Jesus with all she was. Judas, being a embittered man, chided her and tried to cover his greed. The other disciples, not seeing his deceit, joined in her ridicule. Seemingly, without much thought Judas denied Jesus, his worship and lordship and impending sacrifice for humanity. We all have some Judas in us. Rome stood by, occupying as they did, watching the quaint little donkey pass by with this genteel man on the roads they had built. They looked on unimpressed with patronizing glances. “I don’t know who this guy is but if he’s royalty why isn’t he on a powerful horse? Although there is a lot of noise, he doesn’t seem to be much of a threat.” Lazarus never says a word. He doesn’t have to in order to make an impact. People from all over were coming to get a glimpse of this guy who had been resurrected. They had heard of Jesus but who is Lazarus? His life was drawing people to believe.

As you walk the road of the Passion Week, will you worship like Mary or deny like Judas? Will you patronize like Rome or will your life witness like Lazarus? How you prepare for Resurrection Sunday begins today.


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