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Who Am I and Who Are You?

1/21/18 - Who Am I and Who Are You? - Ephesians 6:21-24


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Imagine a churchwhere our relationships are experiencedas a beloved family, brothers and sisters,not acquaintances or people that share pleasantries every other Sunday but a supernaturally designed family from heaven by GOD HIMSELF.


Imagine a churchwhose relationships are known as people who arefaithful, reliable servants,brothers and sisters who are working for the clearly defined purposes of Christ.

Imagine a churchwhose people areinformed messengersof the work of Christ in their midst. Theyproclaimon the behalf of Christ of whatHeis doing in their lives and in their world.

Imagine a churchmade up of people who, at their core are caregivers, who have a vision and ownership to care for one another and don’t wait for the pastor to do it.

As we close our study on the letter to the Ephesians Paul briefly introduces us to an associate of his whom he has worked with who knows his life and ministry. Tychicus (Ty Khee Kus) is abeloved brother, faithful helper, informed messenger and deliverer of comforter.

Can you imagine a church where the above are obvious hallmarks and both new and old attenders experienced daily? Can you imagine a life where, by the Spirit of God, people described you as a beloved friend, faithful, bold and a person who dispensed comfort?

I would want to go to that church and bring friends!

How do we get there? We each do our part.

Will we examine the Word today and confess our sin and obstacles that keep us from being like Tychicus?

Who are you? Who are we?


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