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The Coming of Darkness

8/27/17 The Coming of Darkness - Mark 14


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This week marked an historic moment in our history. The first time in 99 years we have seen an eclipse pass from the west to east coast. It came quickly and went quickly. Perhaps you viewed it through special lenses or maybe just saw images on TV. The darkness came quickly and then it passed and the light returned in full force.


Jesus faced an onslaught of darkness during his passion week leading to the cross. He was adored by one and others became indignant of a ‘waste’ of expensive perfume. He was betrayed during an intimate time of a last meal with close friends. He was forsaken during a time of prayer and arrest. He was denied by a faithful disciple.

The coming of darkness shows us the humanity of Jesus and his willingness to go the distance out of love for humanity and His Church. John’s gospel tells us that ‘the light shines in the darkness but the darkness has not overcome it.” (John 1:5 )

Though he was rejected, forsaken, denied, misunderstood, arrested and tried, God was sustaining the Son of Man and would sustain him through the shedding of His own blood on the cross.

Like an eclipse, darkness may pass over us but God’s light is never overcome. Christ would shatter the darkness through his death, burial and resurrection. Even when we fall into forsaking our Lord in our thoughts, words and actions, the blood of Christ and His ever present Spirit cover us and empower us to overcome. That the amazing grace of the Good News of the Gospel. 


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