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Live Ready

8/20/17 Live Ready - Mark 13


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As the disciples are walking out of the Temple with Jesus they turn to him, mesmerized by the magnificent artwork and the impending size of it all, and they say, “Jesus, isn’t the Temple so impressive. It’s huge!” Jesus responds by saying, “Take a look now, because it’ll all become rubble.” He continues by giving a glimpse into things to come: the destruction of the Temple, persecution of Jesus’ followers, the ongoing proclamation of the gospel, and the final judgment.


Rather than placing their security in the Temple, Jesus remind his disciples that He is their security. He never promised his disciples that life would be easy and comfortable. To the contrary– he told them to prepare for persecution and opposition. Yet in the midst of these challenges, the gospel remains good news, because it’s an invitation to enter into the Kingdom of God as a beloved child. At the end, Jesus will be the judge, and those who have rejected the gospel will receive the judgment that is theirs.

In this world, those who seem the most secure may be sitting under the heaviest of judgment, even while those whose live under great oppression rest secure in the hand of God. Simply put, we cannot determine our security by looking around - instead, we need to look up. This is the fuel that drives the Christian’s ongoing confidence in proclaiming the gospel, because it is the only message of hope for sinners.

While there’s much in Mark 13 that remains cloudy and fascinating, Jesus’ point is clear: Even when the world is literally coming to an end, the gospel strengthens the Christian because Christ will return with power and glory. We must live ready: ready to tell the good news of Jesus Christ, ready to endure opposition or persecution, and ready for Christ’s return in glory and power. 


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