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My Whose Authority?

8/13/17 By Whose Authority? - Mark 11:27-12:34


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As Jesus continued to invite his followers to life and peace with God, the religious elite continued to challenge Him and His authority. They wanted to know the ‘Who’ and the ‘What’ (11:28) of His bold statements. Jesus, in typical fashion knew the motives of their hearts and intent of their questions to try to ‘trap’ him in a dialogue. (12:13-15)


Jesus loved to tell stories with a point. The pathway to truth would come out as He helped people see themselves in his stories. The ‘Vineyard Story’ was a prophetic moment like the prophet Nathan had with David. However, the leaders did not humble themselves and admit their role as David did.

As the story unfolds, the religious leaders could see that the farmers of the vineyard (the tenants) were much like themselves. They had been given the responsibility to care for the people of God and yet so many of them, like their predecessors, were greedy and filled with pride, refusing to recognize the authority of the ‘owner of the vineyard’ and his sent representatives. The prophetic judgment is obvious as their evil motives would be exposed and their evil acts would be judged.

The amazing grace is that Jesus, the sent Son from the owner (God the Father), though rejected and killed, would become the cornerstone, the capstone of the spiritual house of God to be built. His blood would pay for the sins of the world; for those who rejected Him.

Judgment is very real. But grace is just as real. Christ is the cornerstone. His authority is not established in destructive judgment but loving sacrifice. But His authority will one day result in judgment on those who turn away from His benevolence and claim to be their own authority in life. By whose authority do you live?


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