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Haggai 1:1-15

8/6/17 Haggai 1:1-15


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Who is Haggai? What is his prophecy all about?

Prophecy is often a challenge to the people of God in the form of warnings and blessings. Most prophetic scripture focuses on what God is doing and what He intends to do in the future. When the Almighty speaks through the Biblical prophets, adherence to the message brought fulfillment of the promises of blessing and rejection brought judgment.Haggai is considered one of the TWELVE minor prophets, not because his prophecy is unimportant but because it is relatively short and has a more local focus. Haggai prophesied about the people needing to complete building the Temple back in Jerusalem.


The people of God are challenged in every generation with priorities and truth. Rejecting God’s Word in any generation brings consequences.

How do you respond when you hear, “Thus saith the Lord”? When our lives are filled with ‘planting much and harvesting little’, then we ought to reflect on what is of greater importance in life. (1:6)

Are we giving careful thought to our ways? Are our hearts ‘stirred up’ by God’s Word and God’s servants? (1:14).


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