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The Challenges of Jesus

7/30/17 "The Challenges of Jesus" - Mark 11:1-26


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How do you respond to a challenge? Some retreat in fear and self-doubt. Others step up looking forward to the adventure. It all depends on where your security lies.


Jesus was a man who knew who He was and where He was going. When He rode into Jerusalem on a colt, all with Jewish background knew that He was coming into the city as celebrated royalty. This enraged the religious leaders of the time who considered themselves the ‘elite’ of God. When Jesus cleared and cleansed the temple, his righteous anger was not ‘over the top’ because He was defending His ‘Father’s House’ that had the purpose of prayer rather than profanity and cheating. When He cursed the fig tree, He was prophetically pronouncing judgment on a nation that had the ‘leaves on the trees’ but no fruit.

All these controversial actions of Jesus were from a clear concept of commitment to trust His Heavenly Father and entrust His redeeming life blood into His hands.

But Jesus did not leave us without a challenge. He invites us to the prayer of faith. He invites us as well to come under his benevolent royal leadership.  He is not just royalty but the apostle John tells us He is the King of Kings.  He also invites us to a life of passion and defense of the holiness of God without compromising in this world. That is one of the greatest challenges in the world today. Will you take up the challenge? Will you follow the King of Kings? His way is not easy but is the only way to abundant, purposeful life leading to eternal joy. 



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