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Dependence or Independence?

7/9/17 Dependence or Independence?: Mark Chapter 8


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Who do you say that I am?

This time tomorrow you will be on the train, in your office cubical, making a sales call, attending a customer or crunching numbers. This time tomorrow will it really matter what has been said on Sunday? If someone where to ask you, “Who is Jesus?” what would you say? Tomorrow the mission continues.



Jesus expects us to believe in Him because of what He has done. Repeatedly, example after example, Jesus displays the miraculous all that point to His Word and His deity. From the feeding of the five thousand or four thousand to the healing of the lame and blind and raising the dead, Jesus displays His unmatched authority over the elements that underline His supremacy over all. The crowds, whether they are truly committed or simply along for the show are drawn to Him and find themselves uncertain but remain curious. The Pharisees on the other hand are on the constant look out to argue and debate. They have no interest in Jesus’ message or Kingdom initiative. Independent of Christ they seek to challenge, deny and destroy. The disciples, who for as much time as they have spent with the Lord are finally pushed by Jesus to relinquish doubt and confess, “You are the Messiah”.

Jesus expects us to believe in Him because of what He has said. At a pivot point in the Gospel of Mark, Jesus now begins to help the disciples understand what kind of Messiah He is. He has not come to fulfill the expectations of the masses that thought Jesus would fulfill some Davidic promise to restore a military strength. But Jesus had come to be a different kind of Messiah, one that would suffer, die and be raised again, in order to finally redeem mankind from the oppressiveness not of human government but that of the oppression of sin and death. If anyone would follow this kind of Messiah they too must take up their cross as well and lose their life in order to save it.

Jesus expects us to believe in Him because of what He has done. What has He done in your life?

Jesus expects us to believe in Him because of what He has said. Based on His Word, what has He said to you?  

Who do you say Jesus is?

Are you dependent or independent on Him?


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