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‘Talitha Koum’ Little Girl… Rise Up!

6/18/17 ‘Talitha Koum’ Little Girl… Rise Up!: Mark 5:21-43


This Father’s Day Sunday, we are confronted in our passage with a desperate father, a desperate woman, a dying young child and a crushing crowd. Jesus was growing in popularity as He did miracle after miracle and the world took notice. He could hardly move because not only was their curiosity but there were also many wounded and sick in the world plagued by the curse of sin.


But there is also a greater bondage and sickness that plagues our world. Jesus wants to free us from FEAR and move us onto mature FAITH. What we see in the desperate father is humility and faith. What we see in the desperate sickly woman is active, total faith. Neither would give up on Jesus.

The synagogue ruler humbled himself falling at the feet of Jesus in total trust pleading for Jesus to come. We have no indication that he panicked when Jesus was delayed by a power surge from his body on behalf of the outcast woman. Jesus is never in a hurry and He is never late. We often feel that God’s timing should be consistent with our timing but God is way ahead of us and He is FOR us.

The astonishing result of genuine faith was a woman who found total healing, a family that received their daughter back from the dead, and a father who received grace and renewed hope. Whether you are a religious leader or rejected by your peers, Jesus says to all; “Don’t be afraid, simply believe.”  He says that to you and me.

Whatever your circumstance today or this week or this year, you can reach out to Jesus in a crowd or in the quiet of your bedroom. He will not forsake the one who has a humble and contrite heart. For He is the very Son of God. He promises forgiveness of sin before the Holy Lord God Almighty and the gift of eternal life. He is the joy-giver, the peace-giver and the peacemaker.  You will not be disappointed.


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