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Give It a Rest

6/4/17 Give It a Rest: Mark 3:1-33


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How often do you hear someone say out of exasperation, “Give it a rest”?

We may hear that expression but it’s more out of irritation than well wishing. In our hearts we may respond, “I would love to take a rest.”


Jesus’ continued interaction between the Pharisees (Mk 2:23-3:6Open in Logos Bible Software (if available)) sets before us a clear teaching of the blessing of the Sabbath: God gave this day of rest to save life but neglect of this invitation will result in physical, emotional and spiritual depletion. In Mark chapter three we see an intentional confrontation between the self-righteous, assured Pharisees and Jesus’s challenge to their burdensome traditions. We see Jesus call the broken forward before a gathering at the synagogue to illustrate that the mercy of God is always at work and the intent of the Sabbath was to restore not to burden His creation, to bring life not permit death.

When you consider your week, do you intentionally resign yourself to cease and rest or is the notion of ceasing rarely observed? Who is it that calls us to the Sabbath rest and how do you practice it?

Do you see your condition as withered, broken and in need of healing or are you self-sufficient and in no need of rest? God invites you to be still and trust Him with all that concerns you for within the Sabbath rest resides the sovereignty of God.

God's desire for us is to have one day a week where we pause, refresh and restore.

What is the Sabbath and why should it be important to me?


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