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A Journey of Joy

9/11/2016 A Journey of Joy: Philippians 4:4

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One can hardly miss the joy that radiates from the face of an Olympic champion medalist when their national flag is raised and their national anthem is played.; the joy of a new mom and dad as they hold their newborn for the first time; the embrace of a smiling child when he or she says, “I love you”; the handshake from the university president when the diploma is received.

But can joy go deeper than that? Is there a satisfaction of the soul that is not just temporary? In the letter to the Philippians, the apostle Paul speaks of a joy that comes from the gospel impacting people’s lives. He speaks of the joy that radiates from a partnership with the Philippian followers of Jesus that impacted the Roman Empire.

As followers of Jesus, transformed by the good news of redemption, we receive the ‘joy-giver’ himself… the promised Holy Spirit. Jesus expresses the feelings of the inner being to be like ‘living water’… ‘spiritual bread’ that satisfies our hunger forever…

As we embark on our study of Philippians, God has a greater understanding that awaits us for consistent joy even in adverse circumstances; a joy that is contagious and lasting. How about you? Could you use a bit more joy in your life?  


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