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"Timeless" Truth #99 - by Ben Brown


Winding Down - This series will be winding down soon due to a move to South Carolina for our elder years. Just as my life is not sustainable due to many obvious clues and some developing senior type symptoms, so is the planet on which we live. This should not be a surprise to the Christian who reads God’s Word, as the Bible takes plenty of space dedicated to the winding down of earth in its prophetic pages. If we read our Bibles consistently and believe God’s specific warnings, we will realize we are all drawing ever closer to the last upheaval of sinful and willful Man.

There is all kinds of scientific evidence to support the deterioration of earth. Interestingly the stories that Humanists and Evolutionists weave are diametrically opposed to God’s statements. Therefore, one has a clear choice of worldviews to choose from. Evolution claims to be based on science, but it clings to selective conclusions. Actual evidence points to a young earth that is crumbling, not advancing.

                Unfortunately, many Christians are mesmerized by today’s world and have forgotten the urgency of God’s Word. The choice has to be made between whether earth is our permanent or temporary home. It is a free will choice that we need to make prior to our physical death. We must make a positive choice to accept God’s grace given through His Son Jesus. If we do not consciously make that choice, the default position is eternal separation from God.

                Timeless Truth recommends your choice be culminated by today, as we have no knowledge of what tomorrow will bring.



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