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"Timeless" Truth #96 - by Ben Brown


The story of Enoch is told in the genealogy in Genesis Chapter 5. We can glean a few facts of his life, in that he was part of a line of preachers who warned against a very sinful society of his time. What is not mentioned in Genesis is filled in a little more in Jude 14 and 15. Probably the most important factor he is noted for is that he greatly pleased God and therefore we learn that rather than dying, Enoch was directly translated into God’s presence. Enoch was the first prophet to have his message recorded, and his message concerned the second coming. Enoch was in the line of preachers that led up to Noah. He gave his son Methuselah a name which meant “his death shall bring”. Then on the day that Methuselah died, the Flood began. So Enoch’s message was proclaimed before the Flood.


            In the “days of Noah” that Jesus refers to, there were three types of people that faced the Flood.

  1. Those that died in the Flood
  2. Those that made it through the Flood alive
  3. Those who were removed before the Flood.

There are some who view the life of Enoch as an indication of the Church being removed prior to the Tribulation. This ties to Paul’s encouragement that we are not reserved for wrath, but rather salvation. There exists some Jewish tradition that claims Enoch was born on what became later Pentecost, and again that he was translated on his birthday. This gives the idea that the Church begins and ends following Enoch’s example.

We must wait and see how God’s plan unfolds without trying to set a date and time. Jesus Himself says He will not know the time until the Father God tells Him and therefore who are we to assert ourselves?

As His followers we are instead to live our lives looking up and, of course, telling others that He is coming again.


            Blessings to all,



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