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"Timeless" Truth #94 - by Ben Brown


Authority - In our last essay we touched upon the rewriting of Scripture to suit one’s purpose which is different from what God originally intended. As we think through this, ultimately we must wrestle with what Scripture actually is. My own lengthy investigation has shown me that it is exactly what it claims, the written words of God. The words themselves were penned by 40 different writers over a 1600 year span as God’s Holy Spirit caused them to write. What was produced is a marvelous integrated document that flows from beginning to end outlining God’s plan for the ages.

My investigation has shown me that underneath the words that God chose, there is a precise structural pattern that reveals a mind with capabilities far beyond the capacity of men. I believe that one of the reasons this is so, is that an in-depth study will reveal any tampering with Scripture. God is very adamant that Scripture not be changed in any way. The underlying reason for this is TRUTH. God is Truth. If we change what He has said, we create an untruth, which He is incapable of.

Here we begin to touch upon authority. If Scripture in its entirety is inspired, God breathed, then what mere man can take it upon himself to change what it says? On what basis can Scripture be taken apart and reassembled? If someone takes the view that somehow Scripture is outmoded in the view of modern science, then what is the authority that determines what changes can be made?

What is being considered here is trustworthiness. Is God trustworthy or not? If God is the Author of Scripture as He claims, then does He not have the authority to determine what is within the Bible’s pages and what is not? God created Scripture to be a complete document. That makes it purposeful and supernatural. He has superintended the survival of Scripture in its accurate form and substance down through the ages to this our generation.

That leaves us with the same old story. Man is faced with Truth and must decide for himself if he will accept it. Since God wrote Truth, then to reject it is to reject the Author Himself. There is neither middle ground nor compromise available.

Today men latch onto science as the ultimate knowledge. Science is simply learning about the created world. To claim that what we have discovered today somehow surpasses God’s Word that never changes, is to forget that science’s paradigms are always changing. Instead of studying to know God, man tries to be God, at his eternal peril. Whom will you follow?



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