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"Timeless" Truth #93 - by Ben Brown


Modified Scripture - It was bound to happen. In this post modern world where truth has been made relative, (my truth is not your truth), some unknown group of editors has rewritten Scripture to support their view of what Scripture should say in support of a homosexual lifestyle. I am referring to the recent Bible translation called the Queen James Bible. This attempt to justify what the Bible notes as sinful lifestyle, has not only been rewritten by unknown persons, but also published anonymously.

As one who has spent a great deal of time in pursuit of the verity of Scripture I find this to be scurrilous and downright dangerous. What these folks don’t seem to understand is that the Bible is exact and without error in its original language manuscripts. This is what we would expect if God wrote Scripture as He claims. He also warns against any kind of tampering with His Word. The penalties are severe.

The unknown editors have removed words, added words and changed word meanings. One only does this if they believe the Bible’s words were penned by men without the inspiration and guidance of the Holy Spirit. The stated reason these editors felt they could change the moral code of Leviticus is that they believed it was outmoded. Oh really? I think the Creator knows best for His creation and to change His rules is to invite wrath, something the Bible also says.

Mark Twain once said that it wasn’t statements in the Bible that he didn’t understand that bothered him, but rather the statements that he did understand. So now we have a new method, just change what you don’t like. Eliminate the verses you don’t agree with. A very dangerous path to follow with eternal consequences.

Next time let’s take a look at Biblical authority.



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