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"Timeless" Truth #92 - by Ben Brown


Judgment - It is not a rash assumption at all to conclude that America is in the crosshairs of God’s judgment. It would be totally arrogant on the part of our nation to think that we would somehow escape similar judgment that other earlier nations who practiced the same sins received. We could perhaps delay His judgment for a time by praying and repenting as a nation. God gives us examples of that in His Word. But these delays are only for a season and not at all permanent.

I would love to see this nation once again turn to the God who made us great, but alas, we have recently elected a president who is bent upon removing the foundational Christian guidance that this nation was founded upon. His program to do this is becoming increasingly clarified. At first it was subtle, but now it is blatant. Fully believing, fully persuaded Christians have now moved into the persecuted category. I fear that we have fallen below the critical mass needed for such a revival. It is scary that a Christian nation such as ours could drop to a level where so many no longer believe in God despite His Creation and Word. However, God will not be mocked and will exercise His will in due course.

A few years ago Andy Stanley wrote a book called “The Principle of the Path”. In essence it lays down the principle that as we move through life, we will be confronted with many choices. All of these choices, good or bad, will have consequences. Even after making a bad choice and changing our minds, the initial consequences will still play out. It is the epitome of arrogance to assume that we, ourselves or our nation, are somehow insulated from this principle. The true answer is that we are no different than those earlier nations that are given as examples in Scripture.

We know that the Bible describes some very chaotic times in the future with many clues. Sorting it all out is a challenging exercise that we will look at in future columns. Until then, keep studying about God’s requirements for living and loving.



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