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"Timeless" Truth #91 - by Ben Brown


Destination – Where are we going? How will we get there? These are questions a lot of folks would like to know the answers to. Scripture claims to hold the answers to those two questions. A closer inspection should then be in order. Upon opening God’s Word we soon discover that it makes many claims about being able to predict future events. These predictive announcements are called prophecy. Careful study reveals that all Bible prophecy covering events up to the present date have been fulfilled accurately without error. Based upon its proven track record, we should pay close attention to what Scripture says about what is to come.

   The Bible announces that man has an eternal destiny. That destiny is comprised of only two stated places. It says that either we will be with God, or we will be separated from Him forever. The choice is ours, but we must make it before physically dying. The Bible further indicates that in order for us to choose to live with God in eternity, we must obtain perfect righteousness. God also wrote down His commandments for righteous living. Note that these were not suggestions. His commandments underscore to us personally that we cannot achieve His required living standards on our own. It is impossible. That presents us with a real dilemma. As we read further we realize that God then solved the dilemma Himself by providing the person of Jesus Christ, His Son. The solution is both simple and profound. Simple, in that believing and trusting in Jesus’ death and resurrection will yield a degree of righteousness that will meet God’s standard. Profound, in that He would do that for us in our sinful, helpless condition.

   Jesus has therefore answered the questions we began this writing with. Do you have the answers yourself? I certainly hope so.



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