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"Timeless" Truth #90 - by Ben Brown


America in Prophecy? Once again we can indicate that America is not specifically spelled out in Biblical prophecy. While there are a few parallels, none are complimentary and serve as warnings. America started well; but as our land has been richly blessed, we have forgotten God in the process, and now we are in very deep trouble. I believe a national cure is beyond us and all that remains is for individuals to humble themselves and ask God for personal righteousness. To illustrate, Pastor Jim Garlow, a recognized expert on Church history, has charted the demise of Bible believing Christians and their place in American society.

                        1607 – 1833   The Establishment (236 years)

                        1833 – 1918   The Predominant Force (85 years)

                        1918 – 1968    The Sub-dominant Force (50 years)

                        1968 – 1988     A Sub-culture (20 years)

                        1988 – 1998     A Counter Culture (10 years)

                        1998 – 2008     An Antithetical Culture (10 years)

                        2008 – Present A Persecuted Culture

Notice the rapidity of change in recent times. Also notice that we are talking about Bible believing Christians. It is unfortunate, but today we must discount those who only call themselves Christians yet live as though they are not. This is what God sees and that is what He will judge America by. The list of national sins has become staggering, and we have had the audacity to redefine what God has called sin.     We have sacrificed over 50 million children upon the altar of self-gratification. American Christianity is rotting from the inside. Peter wrote in his epistle that there would be mockers in the last days that would ignore the Word and/or redefine Scripture. As a result, 85% of Americans who claim to be Christians show little evidence of following Jesus and live just like the world around them. Of those who claim to be Evangelical, 37% don’t believe in Scriptural accuracy, 45% don’t believe Jesus was sinless, 19% are living with a partner outside marriage, 52% don’t believe Satan is real, 57% don’t believe Jesus is the only access to eternal life, and 57% that good works are important in obtaining eternal life.

As a nation we have nothing left to stand on. We have dropped our loyalty to Israel and begun to support the Arabs. God will not be mocked. We can trace the timing of natural disasters to our decisions which reduced our Israeli support. Of course some scoff at that, but the evidence is strong. Apostasy has become rampant in many churches as the Word is ignored in favor of humanistic and self-help ideas. The government and court system have lost integrity and become very oppressive and now impose their will whether or not the people want it. Our elected leaders seem reticent to ascribe to the early leadership method of getting on their knees before a righteous God in whom there is unfathomable wisdom. As a result we have constant arguing over whose ideas will prevail. By their own rules they have been isolated from the very people they are supposed to represent.

There is another parallel in Scripture in the history of Judah, God’s nation who forgot who made them great and protected them. They prospered greatly until they decided to ignore the One who chose them. One can say there is great similarity between the USA and Judah. Now it is time for the rest of the similarity to take place. I believe it is too late for genuine reconciliation. Our country is splintered into all kinds of special interest groups who are far from God and who could care less. I am afraid that America will continue to experience the increasing wrath of God until Jesus brings His true followers home, and then, literally, all hell will break loose. Please make sure you are ready to go home with Jesus and take as many with you as you can.

Sorry for the dire message, but I believe it is true.


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