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"Timeless" Truth #89 - by Ben Brown


What about America ? - There are those who say that America is not mentioned in prophecy. While that may be specifically true, the Book of Hosea has a very unusual alignment with America as we know it today. Let’s get a little background as we begin to look at the book. After Solomon’s death the kingdom divided into two parts - Judah, in the south, and Israel in the north. The southern part remained fairly faithful to God and the temple worship, but the northern part went quickly towards idolatry. They also had a large standing army which recovered a lot of territory that had been previously lost. They had much material prosperity which was not equaled since the days of Solomon. 2Kings 14:25-28, 2Chronicles 26:2, 6-15.

They were having very good times up there in the north, but they had also sunk to the lowest point of immorality and idol worship. Take a look at the sins iterated by Hosea:

                                                social injustice ---- Hosea 12:7

                                                violent crime ---- Hosea 4:2 , 6:9, 12:1

                                                religious hypocrisy ---- Hosea 6:6

                                                political rebellion ---- Hosea 7:3-7

                                                dependence upon foreign alliances ---- Hosea 7:11 , 8:9

                                                selfish arrogance ---- Hosea 13:6

                                                spiritual ingratitude ---- Hosea 7:15

As Shakespeare once wrote, “it was the best of times; it was the worst of times”

Who was Hosea anyway, and what was he called to do for God? He was the writer of the book and the son of Beeri as we find in vs. 1:1. He was also the husband of Gomer which the Lord directed him to do. The interesting part of this marriage is that he was instructed to marry an adulterous woman. It becomes obvious he was instructed to do this so that he would gain better understanding of the message that God was trying to deliver to His people thru Hosea. His personal hurts brought close to home the feelings of the Lord towards His own. Hosea has much compassion because of this. Throughout the book he warns of coming judgment but his words are tempered with his heart of tenderness, a reflection of the Lord Himself.

As we study the Bible we can find Christ from the very beginning in Genesis 1:1 where He is the Aleph and the Tau, to Revelation where He is the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End as those respective letters identify Him. In Hosea we find one connection in 11:1. This is a verse that Matthew quotes. This is a prophetic connection. The obvious other connection can be seen in Hosea’s redemption of Gomer from the slave market after she had left him and sunk to a total low of unfaithfulness.

But what about America??

We too are experiencing great prosperity as the richest nation on earth. Stocks are up around 13,000. Folks are buying their third cars to go with the three car garage. Cell phones are everywhere. Fuel costs less than water in the bottle.

At the other end of the spectrum is true moral depravity. We have become sophisticated and call homosexuality an alternative life style. We murder babies because they are inconvenient. We have even redefined them as non-human. We no longer are committed to either marriage or proper business practices. Our entertainment industry turns out the worst of evil and we are the largest exporter of such to the rest of the world. We have had murder in our schools instead of teaching morals values. We want God officially out of every part of our government. It is ironic that this is defined as tolerance. Did we yet stop to think about what God calls it? We have been in all kinds of wars, sending bombs instead of Bibles. We are dishonorable from the top down, only practicing what is convenient rather than the truth.

There is nothing new about the so-called new morality. They practiced it in 700 BC and as a result were destroyed. America is in God’s sights.

Israel had ignored God’s word for 200 years. So have we. If you look long and hard at the American soul you will find that we no longer recognize God. We are truly ignorant of His Word. We have outlawed Him from our schools. - - Do you really see the audacity of that?? We dared to outlaw the Creator!! He is exiled from American life. The morning after 9/11 Anne Graham Lotz was interviewed on national TV. She was asked how God could let this happen. Her answer was dead on the mark. “ – we asked Him to leave. “

Is it too late? Remember Nineveh? It had ruled a pagan world for two centuries, but it was scheduled by God for judgment with just 40 days remaining. The judgment was stayed for another century because everyone from the king on down repented, just as His promise in 2Chronicles 7:14. Look at this verse with me very carefully. Who is it speaking about? Our national leaders? Congress? The general populace? No, it is speaking to us who are called by His name. We certainly need a national revival before it is too late. We have had the wakeup call, but look at how quickly we have become complacent again. The challenge to His people still stands.

Fortunately the Bible does not end with Hosea, whose name means ‘Salvation’, but it ends with Jesus, whose name means ‘Yahweh is salvation’. Hosea is the story of a nation gone wrong, but it is also a story of the individual who can turn to God before it is too late.

Next time, we’ll take another look at America from a Biblical perspective.



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