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"Timeless" Truth #86 - by Ben Brown


Who or what was Bezaleel? Well, if you will look up Exodus 35 you will become acquainted. Bezaleel was a very special fellow who had a lot of God-given talents. God says I filled him with My Spirit, with wisdom, understanding, in knowledge and all craftsmanship. His resume is amazing. He was a designer, a woodcarver and worker, a stone cutter, an inventor, a teacher, a metal smith, an engraver, and an embroiderer, among other things. The story of his work is fascinating. One of the challenges he had was to fashion a complete covering for the ark from pure gold in a single piece. He not only accomplished this feat for both the ark and the altar, he also hammered out some of the gold so thin that he then slit it into threads and wove it into cloth. The process of hammering gold into thin sheets takes advantage of one of gold’s properties which is called malleability, or the ability to be hammered into thin sheets without breaking. Of course as the sheet gets thinner during the hammering process, the design of the hammer and anvil becomes extremely important to avoid cracking or splitting the sheet. This is very difficult to do in this day with what we consider modern tools.

One of the reasons I like this story is that it gives us a glimpse into early craftsmanship. The world view of atheists by contrast pictures early man as living in caves and slowly developing rudimentary tools. This view cannot be further from the truth.

Modern man likes to think he is evolving and developing to a higher level of intelligence and proficiency, and that we been ever benefiting from positive gene selection in a process they have dubbed Natural Selection. The Bible tells a different story, where Adam was a perfect man from the beginning, until he sinned by disobeying specific instructions from God. Therefore, from that point on things have been going downhill and continue to deteriorate. Folks who study gene mutation realize that mutations are either neutral or negative. Today’s man carries a significant genetic load that is flawed. There is no way to turn this around. Why? Because God set decay in motion and that will not be contained until the end of time.

The design and construction of the Tabernacle to which Bezaleel was assigned was a major complex project which had many special requirements. Continue to read about the craftsmanship through chapter 39.

So, once again we have a diametric opposite choice to make. God’s first man, Adam, was the ultimate in intelligence and unfettered genes. Evolution’s first man was one notch above an ape. Which will you choose?

Choose wisely and be blessed,



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