Orphans and Widows: Remember Me

3/6/2016  Orphans and Widows: Remember Me: James 1:27

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God’s design for the family is much bigger than many of us know. Unfortunately, it seems that the American way is mostly unfamiliar with the needs of the fatherless and widow and only a few seem to take Gods command in James seriously.

Honoring God by Honoring Parents

2/28/2016  Honoring God by Honoring Parents: Exodus 20:12

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The Fifth Commandment instructs us, “Honor your father and mother, that it may go well in the land that the LORD your God is giving you” (Ex. 20:12). While we can look at this and immediately think about our children, we need to be quick to admit this commandment doesn’t have an expiration date. It isn’t erased once you turn 18. Many scholars believe this was one way God desired for his people to take care of their aging parents. This commandment is for all of us!

What To Do When Your Marriage Is In Trouble

2/21/2016  What To Do When Your Marriage Is In Trouble: Matthew 19:1-9

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The Christian Life is a story of redemption and not condemnation. God’s heart is always seeking to remake and repair what has been broken. All marriages have stress points. But is your marriage in trouble? If it is, God desires that you seek a way through and not a way out. Nothing is too hard for our God (Jer. 32:27 ). He is big enough to handle your problems.

The Power of Positive Parenting

2/14/2016  The Power of Positive Parenting: Deuteronomy 6:1-3

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No parent begins raising children with negative, critical attitudes and actions. From the early moments of infancy, a parent is usually awestruck by the precious gift of a newborn child or a newly adopted little one. But then the routine of life and ‘raising up a child’ moves into a different stage. Baby bottles and diapers and clothes and safety latches move onto frustrating challenges of a totally dependent child who shows a great desire for getting his or her own way.

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