Christian Tolerance: Living for Christ in an UnChristian World

12/27/2015 Christian Tolerance: Living for Christ in an UnChristian World: Acts 17:16-29

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What is tolerance? We hear about it all the time, but I’m not so sure we all understand what it is. Tolerance doesn’t mean agreement or unity. Instead, tolerance assumes disagreement. It says, “You and I disagree, and I still think I’m right, but we will learn to coexist despite our disagreements.” As American culture continues to drift from Christian values, we all need to honestly consider what Christian faithfulness looks like in America today.

God Gave Gifts

12/20/2015 God Gave Gifts: Luke 2:14

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Can you remember the first Christmas gift you ever received? That may cause you to sit back and reflect for a few moments. What is interesting is that every year, the gift giving continues to be part of the season. In a sense, this reflects the reality that God continues to give to us and delights in doing so each year.

God Gave His Spirit

12/6/2015 God Gave His Spirit: Galatians 4:4

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As we continue to walk down the path of advent this holiday season we are encouraged by the hope we have in the coming of the Savior and the love of God we witness in God becoming in flesh in order that we may be reconciled to know Him. Although the world may feel and ask “Are we alone in the universe?” Scripture would answer unequivocally, “No. You are not alone.”

God Gave A New Covenant

12/6/2015 God Gave A New Covenant: Luke 1:67-80

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I remember holding our first born in my arms for the very first time. All that promise of what’s to come wrapped up in a soft, quilted blanket surrounding tiny fingers and toes. Interestingly enough, his given name would be John. I was lost in wonder of God’s miraculous gift of life. As Zechariah held the child of promise in his arms for the first time, he was absolutely elated. Not only could he speak for the first time in nine months but he had received a visit from Gabriel, the archangel who stood in the presence of God. He would burst forth into song in great celebration of what God had done and anticipation of what God was about to do.

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