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Do you Hear What I hear? – Taming the Tongue

8/2/2015 Do you Hear What I hear? – Taming the Tongue: James 3:6-10

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We have a choice to either bring blessing or cursing to those around us by our choice of words that we speak. Jesus said while he walked on this earth; “out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.” It’s the principle of ‘overflow’. So the question for us at a deeper level is: “What’s in our hearts?” So often we are influenced in our thinking by listening and even repeating ‘trash talk’ which only brings pain and suffering at others’ expense.

Breaking News! God's Working It Out

7/26/2015 Breaking News! God's Working It Out: Romans 8:28

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Throughout life’s journey, we are exposed to the good, bad and the ugly in this fallen world. Unfortunately as Christian brothers and sisters, we are not exempt nor can we pick and choose our experiences in advance and contrary to popular belief, some events are outright outside of our control. To put a finer point on this notion, God has blessed us with the freedom of choice but unfortunately, we have very little control over the consequences and collateral damage inflicted on family and friends because of our choices. We see this over and over again as life happens to our family and friends on this journey in a world seemingly without end.

The Lost Art of Christian Meditation

7/19/2015 The Lost Art of Christian Meditation: Psalm 119:97-100

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In the movie, “The Monuments Men”, allied forces put together a special team to reclaim the stolen lost art and treasure of Hitler’s conquests. Because of ‘Nero’s decree from Hitler, in the case where He would be killed or Germany would fall, his forces were to destroy infrastructure and possessions so that no one else would have them. Fortunately, some of his generals did not comply. The story is an amazing one as much lost art and treasure was reclaimed and returned at the end of World War II.

Whose Court is Supreme?

7/12/2015 Whose Court is Supreme?: Luke 18:9-14

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As we are all aware, our Supreme Court, by a narrow margin voted recently to make same-sex marriage the law of the land in all 50 states. This decision about our constitution and its interpretation has touched off heated debates across our nation. So is our Supreme Court the supreme voice for us as Christians? As citizens of the United States and citizens of the Kingdom of God, how do we now live? Five Principles came to mind as I began to reflect on God’s voice to us in this cultural issue.

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