Pinewood Derby... ADULTSIZED


Pinewood Derby…..ADULTSIZED

WHEN: Saturday August 25, 2018

WHERE:EBC Fellowship Hall

WHO: Any 18+ Adult who wants to Create, Bring back from the depths of storage, Take off the trophy shelf or even Sneak out from their kids room a Pinewood Derby Car and Race it against other like-minded adults and their cars. .

PURPOSE:To have a fun event to close out the summer with your favorite EBC peeps. To help nurture the community we call family. To comfort those who will lose and to congratulate those who will have earned bragging rights.

Please do keep in mind there will be some Rules, and Regulations to be adhered to. These minor details are still being worked out.

Save the Date and be on the lookout in Fellowship Hall for a Signup sheet and Rule sheet in the next few weeks. 

Women's Retreat


Berea Women's Retreat - Sept. 14th - 16th

Register Here:

If you have attended the woman's retreat at Camp Berea before you probably left feeling refreshed, refocused, and a little more connected with the other ladies of Emmanuel. Berea offers plenty of free time to sit by the lake with a coffee and your bible or to participate in more active things like archery or hiking, or to complete a craft with a friend. Heck, catch up on some sleep ladies! The food is great and most of all the staff and the speaker always seem to create a space for you to connect with Jesus. What is most beneficial is the opportunity to get out of our everyday environment and just get away and meet with Jesus.


The Fruit of the Spirit: Love

7/8/18 - The Fruit of the Spirit: Love - 1 Corinthians 13


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1 Corinthians 13 is most often read at weddings, and I’ve used it in many wedding sermons myself, but it isn’t actually focused on marriage-love. Instead, it’s a description about how every Christian is supposed to treat each other. This famous chapter comes immediately after 1 Cor. 12 where Paul addresses spiritual gifts, especially the supernatural gifts of tongues and prophecy, and then concludes, “And I will show you a still more excellent way” (12:31).


The Fruit of the Spirit: An Introduction

7/1/18 - The Fruit of the Spirit - Galatians 5


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What do you think or how do you feel if someone says, “I want to be like you.”?

If one of my kids or a friend says, “Hey, I want to do what you do!” Isn’t the receiving end blessed?

When a person hears about theFruit of the Spiritin Galatians 5 ;22-23 often those verses or phrases are taken out of context as stand alone moral precepts or character qualities to aspire to. But to better appreciate the power, intent and blessing of those traits we need to understand the context. We cannot belike Christ truly by our own determination. We need the power of Christ living through us.


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