5 Ways to Honor and Help Mom

5/14/17 5 Ways to Honor and Help Mom: Proverbs 23:25


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Abraham Lincoln once said, “All I am or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.”  Whether this is the case for you and your family or not, moms are to be honored. Moms come with all different personalities and temperaments. They will never be perfect but God has worked through them to bring you into this world.



Coming Home – Helping the Wanderer

5/7/17 Coming Home – Helping the Wanderer: James 5:19-20


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A lost child is a scary thing to any community. Parents and townspeople alike are frantically looking to bring the little wanderer home. Most of the time, the child has innocently gotten sidetracked. Whatever the case, the joy is immense when he or she is found and brought home.


Pray Like You Mean It

4/30/17 Pray Like You Mean It: James 5:13-18


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What is your response when someone says to you…. ‘I really really mean it!  We usually interpret this as someone who is serious about what they have just professed. Prayer reflects our dependency on God. Prayer connects us with the power source; God himself. God wants nothing more than to answer our prayers within His Sovereign will. He invites us to ask! He longs to give to his children good gifts (Matthew 7:11 ).


These Two Things But Above All…

4/23/17 These Two Things But Above All: James 5:7-12


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When someone observes your life in the midst of conflict or irritation what do they see? After James expresses stiff rebuke to the rich and their oppression of the poor Christian (5:1-6) James turns his gaze to the church and says, “in the midst of your suffering, be patient. (5:7-8). The Christian is to look upon the unfavorable circumstances and trust the justice of the Lord, when, in due time will be revealed at His return. But, in the mean time the Christian is to wait, stay seated in their heart and firm up their flabby faith.


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