These Two Things But Above All…

4/23/17 These Two Things But Above All: James 5:7-12


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When someone observes your life in the midst of conflict or irritation what do they see? After James expresses stiff rebuke to the rich and their oppression of the poor Christian (5:1-6) James turns his gaze to the church and says, “in the midst of your suffering, be patient. (5:7-8). The Christian is to look upon the unfavorable circumstances and trust the justice of the Lord, when, in due time will be revealed at His return. But, in the mean time the Christian is to wait, stay seated in their heart and firm up their flabby faith.


Rise Up and Live – Resurrection Victory

4/16/17 Rise Up and Live - Resurrection Victory: I Corinthians 15:57


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Calling hours and funerals can be a morbid experience. We’ve all attended ‘wakes’ of loved ones and friends; viewing the deceased in the casket and offering condolences. Wouldn’t it be a huge surprise if the deceased arose up out of the casket!


The Mission of Jesus

4/9/17 The Mission of Jesus: Matthew 16:13-28


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Peace, wealth, and prosperity… is this your dream? Is this what Jesus promises? While Jesus ultimately came to bring eternal peace, it seems like conflict and controversy followed him almost everywhere he went. Wealth was something he definitely lacked. Someone with prosperity doesn’t usually get charged in an illegal trial and then sentenced to death in the most tortuous and painful way available. And yet, this is the life of Christ, and the life he invites his disciples towards: it’s a life of cross-carrying because we live with a different type of victory plan.

Watch Out Wealthy Ones

4/2/17 Watch Out Wealthy Ones: James 5:1-6


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Someone asked a prominent individual one day, “How much money is enough?” The answer came back… “just a little bit more”.

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