Harmony at Home and Beyond

10/25/2015 Harmony at Home and Beyond: 1 Peter 3:1-12

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Whether you have been to see the Boston Symphony Orchestra or not, most people can sense when instruments are out of tune or when they are playing the wrong notes during a concert. It is even more accentuated when you have a duet, or a quartet ensemble. I remember my days playing the trumpet in High School; and as a player, you are the first one aware when you miss a note! The harmony is shattered.

To This You Were Called

10/18/2015 To This You Were Called: 1 Peter 2:11-25

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Scholar RM Mayner suggests, “1 Peter was written to Christians who were experiencing various forms of persecution, men and women whose stand for Jesus Christ made them aliens and strangers in the midst of a pagan society. Peter exhorted these Christians to steadfast endurance and exemplary behavior.”

Why Pray

9/6/2015 Why Pray: Luke:18-1-8

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No one likes a quitter. I remember in my athletic days of high school and college sports, my biggest fear was that I would have given up or quit on a play in a game when things looked bleak. Persistence seemed to always pay off. Jesus told a story that touched a common nerve in first century Palestine. Widows were commonly neglected. Without a husband, they found it difficult to have an advocate when they were wrongfully treated.

The Labor Movement

9/6/2015 The Labor Movement: Matthew 9:35-38

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Apple picking is a wonderful outing for a family during the fall harvest time. I remember my family, year after year engaging, in this intergenerational task. Mom, Dad, Kids, Grandkids would go among the apple trees on a local farm and pick our own apples for pie-making or just good eating. As you go, one thing that you notice, unfortunately is the many multitudes of apples that lay spoiled on the ground, which have fallen and not been properly harvested on time.

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