Grumble, Grumble, Grumble

6/5/2016 Grumble, Grumble, Grumble: Exodus 16

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Grumbling Heart or Grateful Heart… We all have the choice. The Israelites were off from Elim with its twelve springs and seventy palms… an OASIS for the moment. But God would cause them to trust Him once again as they set out into the wilderness. Whether it was the crossing of the Red Sea or the deliverance from the plagues or the bitter waters at Marah made sweet, Israel had ample evidence to trust that God would provide. But when the going got tough, the grumbling came out. It is the same for us today. We grumble about slow WI-FI, the weather, waiting in take-out lines, and a host of other things that really don’t matter that much.

The Graven Image and False Security

6/19/2016 The Graven Image and False Security: Exodus 32

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Everyone wants to know that when they put their money in a bank account, it will be secure. Technology is great but identity theft has been a big problem in our generation. When the nation of Israel saw HOW LONG MOSES was up on the mountain, they grew IMPATIENT. They became irrational and decided it was time to demand that Aaron build them an idol to worship. Impatience in our lives can lead us to impulsiveness and it often does.

Praise, Plan & Promise

5/29/2016 Praise, Plan & Promise: Exodus 15

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As a church we have been reading and hearing and learning of Moses and his life. We have witnessed his birth and training in under the privileges of Pharaoh’s household. We have considered his training in the desert as a shepherd and seen him confront Pharaoh’s hard heart and the outcome of the ten plagues. Through out Moses’ life we have seen God systematically shape and mold and lead him.

The Crossing

5/22/2016 The Crossing: Exodus 14

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The crossing of the Red Sea by the nation of Israel in the Exodus is not an unfamiliar story to us. We have seen it depicted on television, in the movies and in books. But have we learned the lessons for our lives today? Moses was God’s man in God’s time. His faith experiences and testing is for our benefit today (See Romans 15:4 ). If we are learning to be God’s people in our time, we must learn faith and be an example to others who will come after us.

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