A Woman of Worth

8/28/2016 A Woman of Worth: Proverbs 31:10

A Woman of Worth

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Pass by any jewelry store and you will notice the bright lights and securely locked casings around all the valuable jewelry. The sparkle and the colored gems catch the human eye as the light is refracted in all directions. The ruby was perhaps the rarest of the colored gems in ancient times as it is today. Proverbs 31:10 tells us:

“A wife of noble character who can find?

She is worth far more than rubies.”

Integrity Will Guide You

8/21/2016 Integrity Will Guide You: Proverbs 11:1-5


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Don’t be a bag of potato chips. We’ve all been there: you buy the bag, get home, then after opening it you cry out, “Where are all the chips! There’s more air in here than anything else!” Sure, the bag gave the illusion of being full. You’re disappointed, but there were enough chips to convince you to buy another bag next time you get a craving.  

What You Say and How You Say It

8/7/2016 What You Say and How You Say It: Proverbs 18:21

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Verbal communication is essential to life. God does take into account every word we use. So often in relationships, my wife reminds me, it is not only WHAT we say BUT HOW we say it. Solomon the wise gives us many reminders and warnings about the way we talk. The tongue unfortunately is a source of blessing or cursing. James the apostle tells us the tongue is like a fire (James 5:6 ).


The Wise Learner

8/14/2016 The Wise Learber: Proverbs 9:9

The Wise Learner

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“I just love learning… but I hate to be taught.” Have you ever heard that expression before? Learning is not just for children. Learning is a life-long process. Robert E. Lee said that ‘the education is never complete for a man until he dies.’


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