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A Weekly Word from John
The Dragon's Two Monsters

3/22/2015 The Dragon's Two Monsters: Revelation: 13

Becoming Overcomers Series Chaper 13 poster web

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‘Every spirit that does not confess Jesus is not from God’, writes John the apostle. ‘This is the spirit of the antichrist, which you heard was coming and now is in the world already.’

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to observe that there are many who are antagonistic and hostile to Christ and His people today.

The Two Witnesses

3/8/2015 The Two Witnesses: Revelation: 11



Becoming Overcomers Series Chaper 11 poster webThe Temple of God is measured. The trampling of the Holy City goes on for 42 months. The Two Witnesses prophesy with extraordinary, supernatural power. Then they are permitted to be killed by the Beast from the Abyss. All seems lost. The city has a wild party including the exchanging of gifts as they pound their chests in celebration. No more prophets of doom and judgment! No more pricking of our consciences. We won! Three and a half days are pictured with no burial. 

Sound the Trumpets

2/22/2015 Sound the Trumpets: Revelation: 9Becoming Overcomers Series Chaper 09 poster web

I have never been stung by a scorpion but I know those who have during our time in West Africa. They are scary looking creatures and can inflict much pain. In Revelation 9 , the judgments that come down at the blasts of the fifth and sixth trumpets by the angels are devastating and remind us of the plagues of Egypt. Demonic forces unleashed from the Abyss by the ‘Destroyer’ attack the unsealed, unbelieving world. Whether we take a literal, futurist interpretation that this will occur during a designated ‘Great Tribulation’ at the end of the age or a figurative interpretation of demonic forces throughout the Church Age, the application for us is clear. God’s judgments will come upon those who turn away from his divine rescue mission in Christ. They will increase in intensity and evil consequences will come upon the earth.

What must we do?

  1. Avoid a stubborn and rebellious heart. Rev. 9:20-21  
  2. Make sure we are among those who are sealed       Rev. 9:4
  3. Be fully aware of demonic influences in today’s worldEph. 6:10-12
  4. Submit to God and resist the devil and his lies.James 4:7



The Woman and the Dragon

3/15/2015 The Woman and the Dragon: Revelation: 12

Becoming Overcomers Series Chaper 12 poster webWe don’t often think of cosmic battles taking place in the spiritual realm between angels and principalities and powers but spiritual warfare is all around us. John’s visions help us understand the ever present spiritual dimension and victory in Christ. John introduces us to a couple of great signs in heaven. The ‘woman’ is clothed with the brilliance of the sun and the moon is under her feet. She represents God’s covenant community of OT and NT saints which is about to give birth to a male child. This is the promised Messiah who will rule the nations with a rod of iron as King David points out in Psalm 2 . John also sees a second sign of a great red dragon representing Satan who tries to thwart God’s plan at every turn. He had been at war with the archangel Michael and was thrown out of heaven with the other fallen angels.

The Little Scroll and the Seven Thunders

3/1/2015 The Little Scroll and the Seven Thunders: Revelation: 10



Becoming Overcomers Series Chaper 10 poster webAll of us have had the experience in life of consuming a sumptuous meal that tasted magnificent only to have heartburn and perhaps bitter turmoil in our stomachs in the aftermath. There can be many reasons why something is bittersweet. As John took the scroll from the open hand of the mighty angel in Revelation 10 , he was instructed to eat the scroll! He had heard the mighty angel balancing on the sea and dry land cry out with a raised right hand to heaven, NO MORE DELAY! He knew that further judgment would be pronounced with the sound of the seventh trumpet to come. It was time for him to seal up the messages from the seven thunders but declare the revealed judgments to come leading to the glorious reign of Christ. 

The Seventh Seal

2/8/2015 The Seventh Seal: Revelation: 8

becoming overcomers series chaper 08 poster webReflections on Revelation Eight


The stage has been set. John has given us an opportunity to catch our breath and glances into the future of futures and carries us once again to the throne room. We have heard of the torrential downpour of judgment of six seals from Chapter six. 

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