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A Weekly Word from John
The Gospel of Guilt

08/17/2014  The Gospel of Guilt: Hebrews 19:19-23

gavelThe gavel sounds. The judge declares, “guilty as charged.” In courtrooms all across our country, the determination of guilt is part of justice and the rule of law. Before the holiness of God, like Isaiah, we stand sinful, and therefore guilty of falling short of his glory (Isaiah 6 - Romans 3:19,23 ).

The Baggage of Fear

08/03/2014  The Baggage of Fear: Romans 8:28-31

fearFear is not always the type of baggage we need to jettison. There is good fear, such as that fear which protects us from harm. Similarly we are exhorted in the scriptures to "Fear God... which is the beginning of wisdom" Psalm 111:10 . Unhealthy fear or bad fear, is the type of fear we addressed in this week's message. Bad fear is that which inhibits peace. One writer stated "bad fears are weights and chains that keep us stationary in life, they weigh us down and hold us back."

Wonderfully Weird

07/20/2014  Wonderfully Weird: Ephesians 2:10

Wierd AnimalsWonderfully weird may seem like a contradiction of terms. In the Vacation Bible School (VBS) language of this past week, the focus was on just how each child is unique and God loves each one of us unconditionally with all our personalities, passions, preferences and situations. The missionary-apostle Paul writing to the Ephesian churches underscored the fact that individually and corporately, in Christ, we are God’s masterpiece, created in Christ for good works prepared by Him for His world and His glory. This speaks volumes about our value, purpose and God’s planning ahead in our lives.

The Shackles of Resentment

08/03/2014  The Shackles of Resentment: Hebrews 12:15

shackelsWe have all heard the familiar expression. “Don’t get angry… just get even!” As it was the case with unhealthy fear, resentment can also immobilize us and hold us back in our spiritual walk with Christ. Resentment is like crabgrass in August. When you let it develop roots, it is hard to eradicate from your life. And we all have the tendency to say that it is not ‘my problem’, when the log is often in our own eye. Do you wrestle with resentment? Do you struggle with roots of bitterness? Imagine what the world would be like without it?

What's in Your Luggage?

07/27/2014  What's in Your Luggage?: Hebrews 12:1-3

baggageTravel light. It’s a lesson I am learning in my life. The more baggage we have, the more we worry and the more it slows us down. In the race of life, God has designed our path with markers along the way. He wants us to run unencumbered. He reminds us that living by faith has been modeled by a cloud of witnesses who have gone before us. They put aside the excess ‘weight’ and avoided the sins that could have so easily entangled them. Never perfect. But always persevering.

The Revolution


06/15/2014  The Revolution: Acts 17:6


signingJealousy can make us do strange things. For the Jewish leaders, in the time of Jesus and the apostles, it forced truth to be suppressed and self-glory sought. As we step into the second missionary journey of Paul and Silas at Thessalonica, we see the roots of a godly revolution. Not one of violence or uprising to overthrow earthly governments. But rather one of the invitation from heaven for love, joy and peace and redemption.

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