Fruitful or Busy?

08/31/2014  Fruitful or Busy?: Matthew 6:31-34

fruitfulIt’s not always wrong to be busy, but we need to be careful to distinguish busyness from fruitfulness. God wants us to be fruitful, but not busy. As Kevin DeYoung has written in his book Crazy Busy, “Busyness kills more Christians than bullets.” We don’t need to become “terrible sinners” to be rendered useless in God’s work, busyness will do just fine.

Never Alone

08/24/2014  Never Alone: John 14:23


alone“Leave me alone!” we often here during family skirmishes between teenagers and parents. In spite of this outcry, we all need each other. Loneliness is a major problem in our culture, with many being overwhelmed by it. No man is an island. God never intended us to live life all alone. When do you most feel lonely? What do you do about it? Followers of Christ are never alone. In fact, God has promised to come into our bodies as ‘His Temple’ and to make his home with us. How comfortable are you with the Holy Spirit taking residence in you? Are you confining Him to a broom closet in your life? He wants to fill your earthly bodies with the Fruit of the Spirit.

Financial Peace University 2014


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"Timeless" Truth #100 - by Ben Brown


Well, this is it. When Pastor John asked me to put some thoughts together for Emmanuel’s website, I didn’t realize we would reach this point in time. I doubt if Pastor John did either. I trust that these various thoughts have pointed you to a deeper, more exacting faith in God’s Word. It is so important to understand specifically what He said in the original dictated languages. We must be ever wary of translations into our language that they do not add or subtract from the original text. It is not an easy task to capture rich Hebrew and Greek words into English. J.B.Phillips once said that his work in translation was akin to rewiring a house with the power still on.


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Sermon: "Fruitful or Busy?"
Scripture: Matthew 6:31-34
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