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The Big Fall

5/17/2015 The Big Fall: Revelation 18:1-24

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An angel from heaven descends and wraps the earth in a belt of light, with great authority the glory of Gods Presence illuminates the scene. With a mighty voice the angel shouts, “Babylon the Great has fallen!” The Great Prostitute Babylon, the satanic system that has leads the people of the earth astray has finally been vanquished. (1-3)

VBS 2015

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VBS July 13-17th

The EBC VBS Team would like you to join us to Journey Off the Map!

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Come along with us as we discover that obedience to God can take us on some unexpected and exciting adventures. Please be in prayer about the opportunity to send your K-6 child to our VBS and/or to volunteer with us this summer.

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Hope to see you this summer!

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Tracy McGarry, Becky Hoglund, AmyBeth Morrison and Andressa Mileti

Mom, You're the Best

5/10/2015 Mom, You're the Best: Proverbs 23:25

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The snow is finally gone. The flowers are popping up everywhere. Leaves pushing forth from the trees. Mother’s Day is about to arrive. With the warmth of springtime, we remember the warmth of our Moms. Are they perfect? No. Are they special? Yes. Are they worthy of respect and honor? Yes. Do they serve their families and the Almighty with sacrifice and zeal? Yes. 

The Demise of Babylon

5/3/2015 The Demise of Babylon: Revelation 17:1-18

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From the days of the Tower of Babel when God confused the languages of the descendants of Noah to the modern day concept of ‘fallen’ Babylon, we have become very familiar with the lusts of this world. Temptation comes in many forms for the follower of Christ. One day, the world will be under great tribulation under the rule of the Antichrist luring and forcing all to conform to his immoral and affluent desires. Babylon, as the image of that system, will however fall, be defeated and judged by the Lamb of God who reigns victorious (17:14).

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Sermon: "The Big Fall"
Scripture: PRevelation 18:1-24 
Rev. Peter K. Hoglund

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