Sound the Trumpets

2/22/2015 Sound the Trumpets: Revelation: 9Becoming Overcomers Series Chaper 09 poster web

I have never been stung by a scorpion but I know those who have during our time in West Africa. They are scary looking creatures and can inflict much pain. In Revelation 9 , the judgments that come down at the blasts of the fifth and sixth trumpets by the angels are devastating and remind us of the plagues of Egypt. Demonic forces unleashed from the Abyss by the ‘Destroyer’ attack the unsealed, unbelieving world. Whether we take a literal, futurist interpretation that this will occur during a designated ‘Great Tribulation’ at the end of the age or a figurative interpretation of demonic forces throughout the Church Age, the application for us is clear. God’s judgments will come upon those who turn away from his divine rescue mission in Christ. They will increase in intensity and evil consequences will come upon the earth.

What must we do?

  1. Avoid a stubborn and rebellious heart. Rev. 9:20-21  
  2. Make sure we are among those who are sealed       Rev. 9:4
  3. Be fully aware of demonic influences in today’s worldEph. 6:10-12
  4. Submit to God and resist the devil and his lies.James 4:7



The Seventh Seal

2/8/2015 The Seventh Seal: Revelation: 8

becoming overcomers series chaper 08 poster webReflections on Revelation Eight


The stage has been set. John has given us an opportunity to catch our breath and glances into the future of futures and carries us once again to the throne room. We have heard of the torrential downpour of judgment of six seals from Chapter six. 

Is Life Sacred?

1/18/2015 Is Life Sacred?Psalm 139:13-16


SOHL web logoDo you ever feel that you have no value in this life? Do people and society put you down? Are you simply a random act of creation like the animals and the fish of the sea? The Creator of the universe says no. Jesus, the Messiah says no. We are the ‘crown’ of His creative work.

"Timeless" Truth #100 - by Ben Brown


Well, this is it. When Pastor John asked me to put some thoughts together for Emmanuel’s website, I didn’t realize we would reach this point in time. I doubt if Pastor John did either. I trust that these various thoughts have pointed you to a deeper, more exacting faith in God’s Word. It is so important to understand specifically what He said in the original dictated languages. We must be ever wary of translations into our language that they do not add or subtract from the original text. It is not an easy task to capture rich Hebrew and Greek words into English. J.B.Phillips once said that his work in translation was akin to rewiring a house with the power still on.


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Rev. Rev. John C. Ames

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