The Sea of Glass Mixed with Fire

4/19/2015 The Sea of Glass Mixed with Fire: Revelation 15:1-8

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What must it have been like for the Israelites, on the shore of the Red Sea, to have looked upon the destruction of the Egyptian army? Surely there was shock and awe. But lest we forget the hundreds of years of oppression of the Israelites at the hands of the Egyptians, there was reason for them to celebrate upon God’s marvelous deliverance. 

The Son of Man, The Sickle, and the Double Harvest

4/12/2015 The Son of Man, The Sickle, and the Double Harvest: Revelation 14:1-20

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A visit to Niagara Falls is unforgettable, especially as you approach the thunderous noise of the water going over the edge and crashing to the basin below. As John sees the Lamb standing on Mount Zion, the heavenly noise of musical worship thunders out from the scene.

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From Victory to Victory

4/5/2015 From Victory to Victory: I Corinthians 15:49-58

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Easter Sunday is here! Easter Lilies, Easter Eggs, Easter Bonnets, Chocolate Easter Bunnies. They all remind us of the cultural cues of the season. But the Easter Season is really a celebration of two victories. The Victory of the Cross and the Victory of the Empty Tomb. 

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Scripture: Revelation 15:1-8
Sermon: "The Son of Man, The Sickle, and The Double Harvest"
Scripture: Revelation 14:1-20
Rev. John C. Ames

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