The Fruit of the Spirit: Goodness

8/12/18 - The Fruit of the Spirit: Goodness  - Gal 6:10


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(A contemporary version of Matthew 20:1-15 .)

“The story is told of a business owner who needed some help in his factory. He went to the temporary employment office, filled out the appropriate paper work and at 6:00AM the next morning a few people showed up to help in his factory. They were to be paid minimum wage for the days work. At 8:30AM the business owner realized he needed more help, called the temp office and at 9:00AM more help arrived. At 11:30 the business owner again, realized that more workers were needed to work in his factory so he made the call and at noon more workers arrived and hit the factory floor. The work that needed to be done was getting accomplished. But in order for the business owner to make quota he realized he needed still more help. At 2:30 he called for more help and at 3:00PM help arrived. Just to make sure all was taken care of for the days business he called again at 4:30 and once more help came again at 5:00PM for that last hour of business. Production in the factory began at 6:00AM and ended at 6:00PM.


The Fruit of the Spirit: Kindness

8/5/18 - The Fruit of the Spirit: Kindness  - Gal 5:22 & Col 3:12


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Think about a friend of yours who is significantly different from you. How do you treat them, talk with them, and care for them when areas of significant disagreement arise? There are so many places in our world today where this type of friendship is threatened by a militant tolerance that actually undermines the very real differences that exist. Instead of embracing extreme tolerance and overlooking our differences, what if Christians were known for their kindness?


Sunday School Registration


Sunday School Registration

Sunday School, for all ages is due to start this September. No registration is needed for adult Sunday school, but if you have a nursery though 12th grade student, you need to register your child.

Use this link:

Any questions, contact Kim Blenkhorn our Sunday School Superintendent, or the Discipleship Board.

Pinewood Derby... ADULTSIZED


Pinewood Derby…..ADULTSIZED

WHEN: Saturday August 25, 2018

WHERE:EBC Fellowship Hall

WHO: Any 18+ Adult who wants to Create, Bring back from the depths of storage, Take off the trophy shelf or even Sneak out from their kids room a Pinewood Derby Car and Race it against other like-minded adults and their cars. .

PURPOSE:To have a fun event to close out the summer with your favorite EBC peeps. To help nurture the community we call family. To comfort those who will lose and to congratulate those who will have earned bragging rights.

Please do keep in mind there will be some Rules, and Regulations to be adhered to. These minor details are still being worked out.

Save the Date and be on the lookout in Fellowship Hall for a Signup sheet and Rule sheet in the next few weeks. 

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